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Pour-Over at Home : Kalita Wave

Updated: May 24, 2022

In the third installment of Pour Overs at Home, we will be looking at the Kalita Wave and its benefits.

Kalita Company was established in 1958 in Japan, and slowly grew into the coffee industry as a major player. The company sold a variety of coffee brewing equipment, and in 2010 released the Kalita Wave brewer. Available in two sizes, 185 and 155, the brewer is characterized by three holes in the flat bottom of the dripper. These holes prevent channeling, which helps the coffee remain consistent during the brewing process.

A Kalita pour over can produce a fresh and clean flavor profile that pulls much more evenly than other pour over methods. Check out our brew guide below to achieve your best Kalita Wave pour over!

  1. Heat water to 205 degrees.

  2. Wet your Kalita Wave filter with warm water and let drain, pour out any extra water from cup or carafe.

  3. Grind 26 grams of coffee at a medium to medium-fine grind.

  4. Add beans to filter and flatten so there are no divots or mounds.

  5. Start timer and start pouring water into grounds.

0:00-0:30 | 60 gram bloom and swirl so there are no clumps

0:30-1:15 | pour to 180 grams slowly with small circles in center

1:15-2:00 | pour to 280 grams at a medium pace while slowly incorporating dry grinds

2:00-3:30 | pour to 380 grams quickly in center and swirl gently 3 times

  1. Coffee should drain at about 3:30.

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