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Pour-Overs at Home: The Aeropress

In the second installment of Pour Overs at Home, we will be looking at the Aeropress and all it has to offer.

The Aeropress was invented and debuted in 2005 by renowned sports-goods maker Alan Adler. Having graduated from Stanford University, Adler has decades of experience inventing and holds over 40 patents ( His design delivers a faster pour-over than the Chemex and more body within a single cup. Grounds are aerated in an enclosed environment and a steady pressing of the instrument extracts a solid cup of coffee.

Given its concentrated and swift brewing process, it maintains the headier, earthier flavor notes as opposed to the lighter, more aerated ones. As a result, fruity or lighter roasts do not translate as well via this brewing method. However, its compact nature makes it the perfect option for someone with busy mornings, or for travel.

If you’re interested in trying a cup before investing in an Aeropress, head over to any of our locations for a pour over!

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