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Spotlight: Bre W.

Bre W. is the manager at our Downtown Round Rock location.

She’s been with us since we opened the downtown store and quickly rose to be the manager. Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, Bre moved to Round Rock with her husband and daughter last April after visiting the area many times to see friends. After bartending for some time, she wanted a more chill atmosphere, and eventually applied to Lamppost. She and her family live right down the road, so she thought it would be great to be so close to home.

During our interview, we talked about some of Bre’s favorite things, from books and movies, to drinks. An avid movie watcher, Bre spent much of her off-time with her now husband going to movie theaters to watch movies all day. They would go from theater to theater to watch every movie that was playing, and they still watch movies almost all day on their days off with their daughter. She loves B-Horror movies and comedies, and even a combination of the two. She also enjoys talking about movies with those she’s watching with, and will take deep-dives into the actors' roles and other projects. One of her favorite parts about watching movies is seeing how actors and movies connect to each other and how they can refer to each other many times. Bre, contrary to popular opinion, loves Nicolas Cage, and finds him to be an interesting and eccentric person.

Bre also loves music, with her favorite artists being Beyoncé, Lizzo, and Bruno Mars. We talked about how she loves to see artists transition and change as their careers grow and move, and I think each of the artists we talked about have had steady careers that have had many changes. She and her family love going to concerts, and have recently been able to see some more concerts after the height of the pandemic. Bre also loves to read books, but hasn’t had as much time to read. She hates kindles, and will only buy books second hand. Even if she is reading a series, she will wait to find the books second hand, instead of buying them new. From our interview, I realized that Bre loves a search. From researching actors and musicians' lives, to seeking out celebrity autographs, Bre is willing to take the time to find what she wants and allows many of these things to happen organically over time. Lastly, while we were talking, she told me some of her favorite drinks, which are black coffee and “The Marilyn,” the latter from a small Italian restaurant in her hometown.

Bre has come to love her coworkers and the people she serves at our Downtown location. She enjoys the small-town feel of Downtown Round Rock, and loves how close her family is in proximity to her store. Her husband also works Downtown, so she is able to see him nearly every day, and he has become a regular at the store. Bre has also come to love the people she works with, and has become friends with each of them personally.

Bre is always a pleasure to talk to. Going into our Downtown Round Rock location, you will always be met with smiles and a kind greeting, and Bre has only reinforced that attitude in the shop. We hope you will get a chance to talk with Bre and get to know her like we have!

We hope you have a great week, and thanks for reading,

The Post xx

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