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Spotlight: Luisa R.

Luisa R. is our awesome manager at Georgetown. She has worked with us for over a year and a half during her time at college, and became manager almost a year ago. She has been able to handle both responsibilities expertly, and just graduated with honors from Southwestern University with a major in Sociology, and a minor in Feminist Studies. Originally from El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, Luisa moved to Georgetown for college and began working at Lamppost during her junior year.

Luisa really loves movies, and has recently begun ranking all of the movies she has watched. Some of her favorites are Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Mulholland Drive, and Pariah. She said that her favorite movies change nearly every week, so maybe ask her often to see her new take on the question.

Luisa also really loves music and seeing her favorite artists live. Some of her favorites right now include Omar Apollo, Remi Wolf, and Lucy Dacus. Out of those, she has seen Omar Apollo and Remi Wolf! We talked about some of the artists she wants to see, even if it is not possible to see them. Some artists she still wants to see are Faye Webster, Phoebe Bridgers, Frank Ocean, and Blood Orange. Some artists that she would want to see, but can no longer, are David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, and Selena. Out of the many shows she has been to, Luisa said that her favorite shows have been The Drums and Remi Wolf, whom she saw live in New York City.

Some fun facts about Luisa are that she collects small baby figurines, tiny chairs, and salt and pepper shakers. She loves oat milk cappuccinos, which she considers her favorite drink, but also frequently enjoys matcha throughout her day. She enjoys the flavors of her cappuccinos, but likes the amount of caffeine of matcha much better. Luisa is also moving to New York towards the end of the year. We’ll be sad to see her go, but wish her the best in her adventures in the Big Apple!

Georgetown has become a second home for Luisa, and she loves this Lamppost specifically because of her awesome coworkers. She has become friends with many of them personally, and enjoys spending time with them outside of work. She also has grown in her coffee journey a lot, and enjoys how this location has pushed her palette. She has learned so much about coffee here, and loves that she has the freedom to explore new coffees, different methods, and new ideas about coffee with the people at our Georgetown location.

Here at Lamppost, we love Luisa! She has become friends with many of us, and runs her store effortlessly. We always hate to say goodbye to our work family, and we hope you might get a chance to meet her during her last few months here in Georgetown. Say “hello” to Luisa next time you’re in Georgetown!

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