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third wave coffee.

What is it?

Third Wave Coffee is a way to define what has been gaining popularity in much of the coffee world. It is not just a pretentious phrase invented by millennial hipsters to make coffee sound less simple than it is. It is meant to describe the move towards a deeper intention in quality and ethics.

Coffee in the States has been described as having three waves:

The first wave of coffee was the wide spread availability of coffee through large coffee companies like Maxwell House and Folgers. 

The Second wave of coffee was a huge step towards more quality and was led by companies like Peets and Starbucks. 

Third Wave is the current move in coffee to go even farther down the rabbit hole in pursuit of even greater quality and intentionality in the farming, processing, roasting, and preparing of coffee.

It is not simply roasting lighter than Second wave, rather, it is looking for ways to develop the coffee without diminishing the character.

Roasters have been using a lot of care to develop the inherent characteristics in the coffee without damaging any of those positive elements. We highly recommend reading "Craft Coffee: a manual" by Jessica Easto.


We are obsessed.

love coffee.

Coffee is more than just our livelihood, it's our passion. We love coffee and have made ourselves students of the craft. We love the merge of science and artistry that goes into preparing amazing drinks for our friends. We love continuously talking and learning about coffee and the endless amounts of information and innovation that is available to us. These are exciting times for our obsession.

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love people.

We are a Community.

It's about way more than customer service; it is about more than being kind. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel genuinely loved and welcomed. We care about you. We want to know your name and be a part of your life: truly know you. We know that sounds weird from a business, but we mean it. We love you.


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