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Spotlight: Annie F.

Annie F. is one of our smiling faces at Georgetown!

Although she recently joined us on our staff, she has been a loving customer for years. Originally from downtown Austin, she’s lived in many of the greater Austin suburbs, and her latest home was Colorado. During the beginning of the pandemic, she and her family moved up to Colorado to follow her brother and his family. Earlier this year, she decided to move back to Texas after visiting one of her friends in town. She said that her visit back made her realize how much she missed the area and her friends down in Texas. And we are so glad to have her back!

Annie has always loved theatre. Ever since she was a child, she loved to go see plays with her family, and eventually found a love for acting. During her homeschooling, she went to theatre groups and was in many of the plays, which led to lots of praise from the crew and the audience. Annie expressed to me how much she enjoys seeing the effect acting can have on an audience, and how that helped her want to pursue acting more and more. Since she was 13, she knew she wanted to do theatre professionally, and is now working at the Arts Avenue Theater and Dance Studio, specializing in costumes and props. She hopes to soon teach at the studio, and loves working with the younger kids to see how much they change and grow out of their shells through acting and theatre.

Her favorite musical is Les Misérable, which she admits might be basic, but is still her favorite. She used to love Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, which she says will always hold a nostalgic place in her heart. Her favorite movie is Joe Versus the Volcano because of the very specific “real” moments, and because of the actors who play much different characters than their traditional roles. Some of her favorite artists are The Lumineers, Sanders Bohlke, and ABBA. She loves much of ABBA’s old stuff and even their latest single “Don’t Shut Me Down.”

Now for a few fun facts about Annie! Annie can sing with her mouth closed, a talent she loves to show the young kids at Arts Avenue. She learned how from a YouTube video, and has taught many of her friends as well. You might want to ask her how to do it when you come into our Georgetown location. Speaking of Georgetown, her favorite part about this location is the friendly and fun atmosphere created by her awesome coworkers, and all the plants! Lastly, her favorite drink is an iced mocha with strawberry and blackberry!

Annie is such a kind person, and will always greet you with a big smile when you walk in our Georgetown doors! If you see her, tell her “Hey!”

The Post xx

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