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Spotlight- Rebekah H.

Rebekah Hart is a Lamppost veteran, as many regulars know. I was able to sit down with her at the location where her Lamppost story originated. She’s spent years working in coffee, with Lamppost bookending that experience, so the environment of the Round Rock location feels like home.

A native of College Station, Rebekah’s family moved there to run their business. Then, as a senior in high school she fell in love with a local coffee shop: Lupa’s. Unfortunately, it no longer exists but it sparked her love of coffee.

After high school, Rebekah moved to Round Rock to intern with a local church. During her time at the church, she lived with a family of seven so she began frequenting Lamppost Round Rock in need of a quiet study spot. She spent many hours there and got to know one of the baristas: Jordan Hart. He eventually started joining her after shift and studying with her; they discovered many shared interests and even began attending the same Lamppost staff game nights. It was at that point she decided to apply for Lamppost. She’d already gotten to know the owner, Brian, loved his shop, and soon she was a barista. After only three months of being a barista and one month purchasing, she became a manager at 19 years old. She managed at Lamppost for a while before leaving to manage East Social House in Hutto, but she stayed well connected to the community she’d already found.

Rebekah and Jordan ended up getting engaged 10 months after meeting. They are now married and have a four-month-old son, named Jude. She is quick to say that Brian is what brought her back to Lamppost--well, him and the community she’s found. It’s that community that brought her her current family.

As Jude slept in the stroller next to us, I asked Rebekah if there was one word to describe her. A nearby Brian was quick to chime in: “Superwoman, lifesaver, hero.” That about sums it up, it seems. She lives up to that title. Rebekah oversaw the transition of East Social House to Lamppost Coffee with grace and competence. She is now part of the operations and support team for managers and an integral part of the company.

On a final note, I had to know her favorite films. They are: “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and anything Wes Anderson. Make it a point to ask her about them the next time you spot her!

Thank you for reading, and have a happy week.

The Post xx

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