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Barista Spotlight: Eden D.

Eden D. has been a familiar face around Lamppost Coffee for 2 years. One of our most fashionable, she is known for her rad taste in music and for her personality. Unfortunately for Lamppost, she is leaving us to continue on her school journey in downtown Austin. So, before she moves on, here's a little about Eden!

Eden has grown up in Round Rock her whole life, with most of her family here as well. She recalled stumbling into Lamppost once in 2019 while waiting for her brother and meeting Rebekah H., the manager at the time. She was struck by everyone's kindness and, since she was looking for a new job, she applied immediately. Rebekah hired her that night at the suggestion of a mutual friend, Deborah Martin, who also worked at Lamppost.

Looking back over the last two years, Eden says the initial challenge of the job was how social it required her to be. An introvert herself, she is proud of the way it has grown her in a positive way. At this point, Eden got emotional (and so did we, Reader), but she says she is so grateful for the ways in which Lamppost was a safe space for her to grow as a person, friend, and barista. She says she will miss this environment, but leaves the possibility of returning open.

Next on her journey is continuing her degree in Studio Art with a minor in Education. She’ll be moving downtown and taking big strides in the Austin art community as she learns from professors and makes connections. Having grown up creating, art is ingrained in her. Even as a child, her parents used to hide art supplies in cabinets so she wouldn’t find them as she was prone to making a mess--she was constantly creating and experimenting. In high school, her art teachers recognized her talent and encouraged her to pursue art. So, Eden is excited to continue to meet new people and grow her skills as an artist.

Eden carries with her a love of 80’s music and films. She finds the genre compelling and specifically loves Pretty in Pink and 16 Candles. Every year on her birthday since she was 13, her family would watch 16 Candles, so it holds sentimental value for her.

And sentimental is an appropriate word to describe Eden’s parting thoughts. “Community is important; I’ve come to realize that,” she told us, relating how she’s loved being able to connect to regulars and make people’s day--a skill she’s learned through Lamppost. “It’s been wonderful to be a part of this.”

Thank you, Eden, for your time spent here at Lamppost! We wish you all the best as you grow as an artist and look forward with excitement to see all you do. And our door is always open to welcome you home.

Keep an eye out for Eden in the Austin art scene! We’re sure she’ll do great things.

The Post xx

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